A MAN who admitted assaulting two police officers after using a knuckle duster to punch a van half a dozen times in front of rush hour Salisbury drivers, has put in a motion to change his plea.

Mark Day, of Downton, had originally pleaded guilty to affray, assaulting two police officers, possession of a Stanley knife, threatening a person with a knuckle duster, and possession of cannabis.

This came after an incident on April 4 when Day had to be grappled to the ground outside Aldi in London Road by a number of police officers, as successive attempts to stop him using a taser, PAVA pepper spray, and a baton proved unsuccessful. Two police officers were injured in the scuffle, as Day attempted to resist arrest.

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However, at his sentencing hearing in Winchester on Friday, Day submitted a letter asking judge Keith Cutler to allow him to change his plea to Not Guilty.

In his note, Day claimed that advice from his former legal representative was to plead Guilty, as this would give him a better chance of making bail.

His new legal team claims Day was also under the impression he would later be able to change his plea "on a whim".

In his letter, Day added: "Due to my level of intoxication and drug use [at the time of my first court hearing last April] I do not even remember being there.

"I was told that pleading guilty would give me an increased chance of getting bail.

"I am still confused why I'm being accused of such charges."

It was also heard that just days before his hearing last April, Day was moved from custody to a hospital in Bath, due to his physical state.

His defence team concluded: "It does not seem normal to me that someone stands the best chance of getting bail by given a guilty plea.

"That simply is not correct legal advice to give."

Judge Cutler agreed to push the hearing back to Salisbury Magistrates Court, for magistrates to determine whether Day can change his plea.

Day was bailed until the hearing, of which a date has not yet been set.