IT'S the debate that has gripped the city for years – should Primark come to Salisbury, and does it need one?

Now, the discount chain has revealed whether it will be opening a store in the city, after bosses announced plans to launch 18 new stores across the country this year.

In response to an email request from reader Tina Damarell, a spokesperson confirmed "we do not have any plans to locate a store in Salisbury in the near future".

They added: "We are delighted that you think Salisbury should have its very own Primark store."

This response has also been confirmed by the chain's press office.

This news will comes as disappointing to some after the chain agreed to "pass on" a request from fellow reader Vicki Horrill who asked Primark on Twitter to "please answer Salisbury's prayers and come to our beautiful city".

Nevertheless, as reported, the prospect of Primark coming to Salisbury has been met with a mixed reception.

A reader signing themselves as PerplexedofSalisbury on the Salisbury Journal website commented: “It’s the opposite of what any town needs. Fast fashion and accompanying overconsumption is a major contributor to climate change. Business as usual ain’t gonna cut it.

"We’ve 10 years or less to trun this ship around. Stop buying what you don’t need! Buy less but buy better when you do need. Primark is cheap, poorly made crap that exploits you. The people who make it and our natural resources.”

Another response came from Smile’s Better who said: “My view on Primark is mixed. I would welcome a Bath style version, where staff seem to care, and the mess selfish or careless shoppers create is quickly put right.

“A well run and managed Primark would be amazing for young families struggling to make ends meet.”