CASH Converters has moved to a new and larger store in the city centre.

The store remains in Catherine Street but has moved to a new premises just eight doors down from the previous one.

Opening to the public for the first time on Monday, January 13, the larger store has 890sq ft of retail space and the store says it has been equipped to offer a "better, quicker pawnbroking service as well as its usual range of services".

The move is part of its "new vision" to boost the number of local people choosing Cash Converters to buy and sell second-hand goods.

The new store includes three counters designed for customers to sell their unwanted items, as well as a dedicated retail counter, an expanded jewellery display area and extended retail space to allow for more products to be displayed.

It also has an additional counter specifically for specialist pawnbroking transactions and it will be one of a number of stores in the country to adopt Cash Converters’ new in-store branding.

Moving to a new premises has been extra special for the business’s store manager, Richard Safe, who this year celebrates 20 years at Cash Converters.

Richard, from Salisbury, joined the business as a store manager in 2000 and over the last two decades has trained and educated multiple staff members on the range of services on offer at the store.

Speaking of his time in retail, Richard said: “During my twenty years with Cash Converters, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some fantastic people, as well as meeting so many members of our community here in Salisbury.

“It’s amazing to think twenty years have gone by since my first day here! So much has changed, in both my own role and across the industry as a whole, but at Cash Converters, we’ve always managed to grow and adapt to the changing times and vary our services to meet the evolving needs of our customer base.

“Opening a brand-new store really is the cherry on top of a fantastic twenty years at Cash Converters, and I look forward to welcoming both new and existing customers to come and see the changes for themselves.”

The new store is based at 21 Catherine Street.

Cash Converters is a franchised retailer with 196 outlets throughout the country.