UPDATE: Arran has now been found

A DOG owner is appealing for help to find her beloved pet after it went missing during a walk.

Arran, a six year-old bearded collie bolted from his dog walker in Ringwood Forest on Sunday morning.

His breeder and now legal owner Madeleine Fear said Arran has been sighted a few times since he disappeared but there has not been any conclusive evidence of his current whereabouts.

Salisbury Journal:

He is still missing today (Tuesday).

Arran was seen at Ebblake Industrial Estate at 10.15am on Sunday.

He was also seen at the Co-op in Verwood at 5am this morning, with various sightings over the past 24 hours.

Madeleine said: "His home is St.Catherine's Hill in Christchurch, so he doesn't know this area. Bearded collies are bred to cover large areas of land so he could be anywhere."

On Sunday, Madeleine and her friend camped overnight in Ringwood Forest in -6 degrees in the hope Arran would return to the car park he fled from, but to no avail.

Madeleine is continuing her search with the help of many local people, dog owners and others from further afield.

Madeleine explained: "We have his mother and sister and their owners out looking for Arran, as well as bearded collies from all over the area. Bearded collie owners from Guildford have also come down to help."

Local businesses have also pitched in by printing posters and offering Madeleine and her friends free drinks and the use of a toilet while they search the area.

Madeleine is urging people not to approach Arran if they see him as he will be scared, rather they should contact her on 07780686697 for any information regarding the location of Arran.

She also wants people to be wary when driving around the Ringwood Forest in the event that Arran may run out into the road.

The main search area is the Ringwood Forest area and across the A338 westbound heading for Bournemouth and the A31 towards St Leonards, as well as the roads surrounding the Ringwood Forest.

If you have any information about Arran please call 07780686697.