A FORDINGBRIDGE mum has spoken of her shock after finding her home had been broken into.

Laura Pain’s home in Salisbury Road was broken into between 8.20am and 12.45pm on Monday, January 20.

A number of items were stolen, including jewellery, sunglasses, a television and computer equipment.

The 34-year-old said: “That day I came home a bit earlier. I was on the phone to my friend and opened the front door. I could see the door mat had been moved.”

A window had been smashed by some “huge rock” which was on the floor along with the shattered glass.

“The kitchen bin had been emptied everywhere to use the bin bag to carry things,” added Laura.

“Then I stepped in and could see into the living room that the TV was gone. I hung up on the phone to my friend and rang the police.”

She said: “It took a minute to register [that I had been burgled] but when I turned to the living room and saw the TV had gone it all started sinking in.”

She then says she “plucked up the courage to creep upstairs” only to find drawers and wardrobes had been searched through. Even bed sheets had been pulled.

“It was a horrible shock,” said Laura. “Every minute I’ve been living on my nerves and haven’t slept or anything.”

She says the family have been “really shaken up” by it, adding: “You feel violated.”

“I just can’t relax in this house and just feel on edge.” Laura said.

“It’s invaded our privacy as they have gone through our personal things,” she continued. “It is not nice to know other people have been in your home.

“I’m double checking things all the time [to make sure everything is locked] and getting extra security around the house.

“The whole thing is awful.”

Laura says she was able to retrieve many of the items that were taken.

She is now warning other residents to make sure their homes are secure and doors are locked.

  • A 29-year-old man and 16-year-old boy from Fordingbridge and a 31-year-old man of no fixed address were arrested on suspicion of burglary. All three have been released under investigation.