PLANS to allocated space for 864 new homes in Salisbury, as well as a further 55 in Durrington, have been given the green light by council chiefs.

The proposals, as part of the Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan, include 640 homes on Netherhampton Road, as well as 100 just north of this site, and another 100 at Rowbarrow.

However, the document must now also be rubber stamped by the county authority's Full Council meeting on February 25 before it is adopted.

This is expected to be a formality.

The Plan, which details preferred housing sites in the county up to 2026, was recently scrutinised by government body The Planning Inspectorate.

This resulted in several suggested changes being put forward, which were approved by cabinet on Tuesday.

These included the deletion of sites in other parts of the county, and the inclusion of a new 10 home allocation at The Yard in Salisbury.

Councillor Toby Sturgis, spatial planning chief, said: “The Wiltshire Site Allocations Plan, which was approved by cabinet [on Tuesday], has been through extensive consultation with our communities and will enable us to deliver new housing in the most appropriate locations in Wiltshire, which is a government priority.

“The plan will now be considered by Full Council, and, if approved, its adoption will significantly help support the delivery of housing across Wiltshire and meet the future needs of our communities.”

As reported, homes have also been allocated for sites on Hilltop Way (10), and Hampton Park (14), as well as two areas in Durrington: Clover Lane (45) and Larkhill Road (15).

The inspectorate said that Salisbury has been identified as a “principle site” in the plan, and a focus for “growth”.

However, it added that transport would “inevitably” be impacted by the new houses.

Education was another sector that would likely be hit, as there is “a lack of capacity across the city”.

“Evidence points to the need for a new primary school,” the inspectorate added, which is something that is part of the application for 640 homes on Netherhampton Road.

“Funding contributions will be sought from developers to help provide adequate capacity [for the school].”

The scheme, which will take over the site to the south of the major route, also includes a new county park.