CONSTRUCTION on the new Teen Play Area in Three Legged Cross has been disrupted multiple times as a result of vandals.

Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of incidents in the new play area, including contractors equipment being broken into and fences knocked over and broken.

Councillor Mark Thorpe said: “We are supportive of better facilities for young people in the community, so this is rather disappointing for the council to see.”

With the acts of vandalism occurring late evening and into the night, the council are unaware of who is defacing and damaging the playground.

They are urging local people to keep an eye out for anything suspicious to ensure that the playground will be fit and ready for purpose by the end of January.

Cllr. Mark added: “These things don’t come cheap, it’s a big investment. It’s important for the members of the community.”

Work is still ongoing, and aims to be completed in the next few days providing that no more vandalism occurs.

If you have any information regarding the vandalism, please contact the police.