A BMW driver was allegedly clocked doing more than double the 40mph speed limit on a dark New Forest road where animals have been hit in the past.

Special constables for Hampshire Police, who volunteer their time, stopped a vehicle in Roger Penny Way, which runs between Godshill, near Fordingbridge, and Brook, on Thursday evening, it was reported.

An officer from the team reported that the BMW had been travelling at 84mph

In a post on social media, Hampshire Specials said: "This vehicle was just clocked at 84mph on a dark 40mph New Forest road with a high animal death rate. Not only that, the driver had no insurance. Reported to court and vehicle seized."

The New Forest National Park Authority (NPA) thanked police for their efforts.

A spokesperson for the NPA said: "That is a shocking speed for any road, let alone a Forest one. Roads are icy. Please #add3minutes to your journey. Stopping distances will be longer."

The #add3minutes campaign is supported by many organisations across the Forest and calls on drivers to take caution when travelling on the district's rural roads, particularly with animals in mind.