HAVE you ever wanted to be able to buy one of the city’s famous landmarks, such as the cathedral, or even nearby Stonehenge?

Well, now you can – sort of, as Salisbury has been chosen to get its very own Monopoly game.

Seeing off 19 other cities, game maker Winning Moves UK will bring the local area to life with a dedicated board game.

But what goes on the board is up to locals, as a two-week public vote has been launched to see which of Salisbury’s famous landmarks will get a space in the game.

The board will be themed in sets: from tourism to heritage, culture to shopping, hotels to sport, education to business, and charity to travel.

The game’s maker says Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Salisbury Racecourse all look to be heavy odds on to land leading spots on the board.

“This is fantastic news for the city,” said mayor John Walsh.

“The game will be able to showcase our great city and all its wonderful landmarks.”

“As an avid player of Monopoly with my own children, I am looking forward to introducing the official Salisbury version to my 11 grandchildren two of whom live in the city.”

And as well as famous landmarks, the Chance and Community Chest cards are also being themed – one may send players back three spaces for visiting rival cathedral city Winchester!

“Absolutely everything will be up for grabs,” said George Shrimpton, custom games executive .

“It was always a case of when we bestowed the Monopoly honours for Salisbury – not if. Two years ago we were about to make an announcement but pulled it at the last minute in view of the challenging situation facing the city.

“This edition will feature the great and good of Salisbury and we are expecting to be wonderfully spoilt for choice putting it together.

“Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, The Guildhall, Salisbury Museum, Arundells – the city is blessed with landmarks that attract millions from across the UK and the world.”

Votes for Salisbury landmarks and cards to feature in the game can be done by visiting the Salisbury Monopoly Facebook page, or by emailing salisbury@winningmoves.co.uk .