A DOWNTON man accused of assaulting two police officers in Salisbury has had a motion to change his plea granted.

Mark Day, of Moot Lane, had originally pleaded guilty to affray, assaulting two police officers, possession of a Stanley knife, threatening a person with a knuckle duster, and possession of cannabis at a previous hearing on April 6 last year – two days after the alleged incident outside Aldi.

But an application to change his plea to not guilty came before Salisbury Magistrates on Friday, after he pleaded his innocence during sentencing in January.

Day argued that advice from his former legal representative was to plead guilty, as this would give him a better chance of making bail.

His new legal team also claimed Day was under the impression he would later be able to change his plea "on a whim".

In his letter, Day added: "Due to my level of intoxication and drug use [at the time of my first court hearing last April] I do not even remember being there.

"I was told that pleading guilty would give me an increased chance of getting bail.

"I am still confused why I'm being accused of such charges."

It was also heard that just days before his hearing last April, Day was moved from custody to a hospital in Bath, due to his physical state.

Despite opposition from the Crown Prosecution Service, the chairman of the bench approved the application for Day to change his plea, adding: "In the interests of justice we are going to allow Mr Day to change his plea in these circumstances."

Conditional bail was granted for Day to appear before Salisbury Crown Court on March 13.