STONEHENGE is winning the race to claim one of the most famous spaces on Salisbury's upcoming Monopoly board game.

The world-renowned landmark could take Old Kent Road, the game's publisher has revealed, with Salisbury Cathedral and The Guildhall currently a close second and third.

But, locals still have a week left to get their votes in, and nominate their favourite landmarks which they would let to see make it onto the board.

The news comes after it was announced that the city had beaten 19 others to get its own game.

“Stonehenge is perhaps the perfect fit for Old Kent Road” said Winning Moves UK's George Shrimpton.

“But voting is still live for another week so we shall wait and see till after polls have closed.”

He added: “Salisbury is blessed with landmarks from Stonehenge - which is visited from all corners of the globe - to the Cathedral.

“We expect to be wonderfully spoilt for choice putting this game together.

“This edition will showcase great and the good of Salisbury.”

Votes for Salisbury landmarks and cards to feature in the game can be done so by visiting the Salisbury Monopoly Facebook page, or by emailing