A FATHER who has been forced to sleep in his car for months is pleading with council officials to finally help him find a home so he can “rebuild” his life, after securing a job with a city firm.

Jason Green, who has been homeless since November, has been offered work with Waitrose as a delivery driver, but cannot start until he has a place to live.

However, he claims that Wiltshire Council staff have told him he cannot get a home until he starts his job.

“I find myself in a bit of a catch-22 situation, and Waitrose won’t keep the job open for a lot longer,” the 46-year-old said, after being offered the role at the end of December.

“I have no access to keep my clothes clean. I’m just after a proper base.”

The issue has even prompted Jason’s GP to take a swipe at the county authority, claiming his patient’s mental health “continues to slide”, and he is concerned that “without urgent action he might become hopeless, and even worse, suicidal.”

In a letter to the council, he said he was “extremely distressed to hear about Jason’s ongoing difficulties with being housed”, adding: “I am appalled that someone with a job offer, who wants to rejoin society and who has engaged with everything asked of him by healthcare and council professionals remains unhoused.

“Waitrose will not hold his job forever and we are likely to miss a real opportunity to help a good and deserving man.”

He added that the damp from Jason’s car, as well as the cold, was also affecting him physically.

But, in response, the council’s housing chief, Councillor Richard Clewer, said the authority had been “supporting” Jason, and will look to “resolve this housing situation as soon as possible”.

He added: “We have fully explained all the options available to help secure a home in [Jason’s] area of choice and we are able to assist him financially in doing this.

“We hope with our help a home will be secured as soon as possible.”

However, Jason said: “I want to pay my taxes. I want to work.

“All I am asking for is a place in Salisbury so I can go to Waitrose and start rebuilding my life

“I have done all I can and do not know what else to do. The council are just dragging their heels. I am ready to start working.”

Speaking to the Journal, The 46-year-old, who has family in Salisbury - none of which are able to provide him with a place to stay, also say that he was offered accommodation in Swindon, which he was “willing” to take, but this was pulled by the council, as he had “no connection” to the city.

He added: “I was willing to live in Swindon and commute, despite the fuel costs being very high.

“I was willing to give it a go, have a new start, but the council then pulled it from me because I didn’t have family there.”

Jason also revealed that he found himself in his current situation due to “unfortunate circumstances”.

He said: “I had a job working for a company in Shaftesbury, but it was very difficult hours. There were more and more late nights and one time I nearly fell asleep whilst driving on the M27.

“So, I packed the job in for safety reasons, both for me and other road users.”

He adds that his accommodation then fell through, and he was left sleeping in his car.

“My landlord needed the annex – which I was staying in, back as he had health problems. His daughters, who had kids, were coming home to look after him. He just needed the space,” Jason explained.

But, despite not being able to start working, Jason says that it’s not all bad news.

He says that his soon-to-be employer Waitrose has been “incredible” with him and his situation.