A PUB landlady who was due to retire this month says she can no longer afford to - after a "massive" drop in trade which she blames on a travel search engine.

Fiona McKie, who runs The Hook and Glove in Farley, says she has seen a 55 per cent drop in bookings over the summer, because Tripadvisor no longer lists her pub as within Salisbury.

Fiona said: "We are in quite a unique situation in that we were consistently number one or two in the Tripadvisor lists, thanks to six years of really hard work to get there.

"All of a sudden, overnight, we were not listed as in Salisbury anymore, but no one will search for Farley.

"There is no thoroughfare here other than the odd tractor, a couple of buses a day."

Fiona almost had to close the pub because of the drop in trade, but has decided to postpone her retirement and keep it open.

She said: "I will take a decision in September in the hope that Tripadvisor change its criteria back to historical listing.

"I bought this pub six years ago when it nearly went under, I am a widow, sold my family home and bought the freehold and worked hard to get it to where it is.

"I was going to retire at the end of this month, and my chef was going to take over.

"He is gutted. His job and 14 others are hanging in the balance.

"For such a small village, that is a massive amount of employment."

The Hook and Glove is the fourth pub from the Salisbury area to contact the Journal with similar issues - either with Tripadvisor or Booking.com.

Last week, The Haven on London Road was the latest eatery in a string of venues hitting back at travel websites, as its location on Trip Advisor was changed from Salisbury to Firsdown.

The Swan at Stoford ceased trading earlier in January after seven years of service, as a result of declining accommodation and food sales, and blamed Booking.com as the travel search engine changed geographical information about the pub’s whereabouts on its website.

The Bell Inn in South Newton, run by David Hydon, also said the search area that The Bell Inn lies inside has been changed, and is no longer classified as Salisbury, affected trade

Fiona added: "I think there could be many more pubs out there who haven't quite woken up to this yet.

"We already have hundreds of pubs a week closing in this country - people need to know they are going to lose their locals if something is not done."