'Hello wall', chimes Shirley Valentine as she enters the stage in Everyman Theatre Company's one-woman production of Willy Russell's classic hit comedy.

It can be no mean feat talking to yourself for two-and-a-half hours but actress Claire Sweeney pulls it off with astonishing ease. She is loveable and funny as she shares with the Playhouse audience Shirley's dissatisfaction with her life.

The predominantly female crowd nod along and chuckle knowingly as middle-aged Shirley prepares a dinner of chips and egg, while openly offloading her frustrations with emotionally-void husband Joe, her empty-nest sorrow and her envy of flamboyant friend Jane, who has invited her on a two-week holiday to Greece.

A 70s kitchen set is cleverly transformed in the second act to a Greek beach and taverna.

We cheer Shirley on as she bravely walks away from her humdrum, working-class existence in Liverpool and embarks on a journey of self-discovery on a Greek island.

Although only one cast member, Claire does an excellent job of impersonating the other characters in the play, thus painting a picture for the audience.

With an awful lot of lines learned, under the expert direction of Ian Talbot, Claire delivers the witty monologue with perfect timing.

This very amusing play is wonderfully entertaining and uplifting.

n Shirley Valentine continues at Salisbury Playhouse until March 7. For tickets visit wiltshirecreative.co.uk or telephone 01722 320333