AFTER the wettest February ever on record, flood warnings and alerts are still in place for the Salisbury area.

According to the government's Flood Information Service, the main threat to the city is groundwater flooding.

As a result, three flood warnings have been issued.

Locals are being advised to "expect" flooding, with teams adding that "immediate action is required".

These are for the Ebble Valley, Wylye Valley, and the Bourne Valley.

However, one warning has been removed in the past 24 hours. This was for the River Ebble and its tributaries, which is no longer deemed to be a risk.

As well as the warnings, six alerts are also in place.

Flood teams warn the public that "flooding is possible - be prepared".

These alerts are for groundwater flooding in Cranbourne Chase and Salisbury Plain, and for rivers in Middle Avon, River Bourne, River Wylye, and Upper Avon.

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