PROPOSALS to build a new dementia care home in Verwood have been refused for a second time.

Fayrewood Property said this application for the Edmondsham Road site had addressed the concerns of the original scheme.

But it has now been refused by Dorset Council with a third, scaled-back application already submitted.

The developer had hoped to be given permission to build a four-storey, 38-bedroom specialist dementia care home on the site. Its first application was refused last year.

“As a result of a growing older population and increasing life expectancy, the council projects an increase of 7,180 people with dementia over the 2013-2033 period,” it said in a statement.

“Some of these individuals shall live in their adapted homes but the majority are likely to require specialist accommodation or support.”

It said the home would have met about ten per cent of the forecast need for care home bed spaces.

But the application attracted dozens of letters of objection from people living nearby.

Concerns were raised by Verwood Town Council about the layout, design, scale, landscaping and impact on neighbours.

These were echoed by planning officers Elizabeth Fay and Naomi Shinkins who refused permission due to concerns it would “block the light” of the neighbouring home.

“While some reasons for refusal in the previously refused application have been overcome, the proposal would have a detrimental impact on the amenity of neighbouring occupants,” their report said.

“As a result of changes to try and overcome issues in relation to the external space and the impact on neighbouring amenity, another reason for refusal is now created where proposed living standards of basement rooms would be detrimental to the living conditions of future occupants.

“The application has also failed to demonstrate that the development can take place without a detrimental impact on mature trees.”

The developer has already submitted a third application for the site, amending its drawings in a bid to overcome concerns, and a decision is expected in the coming weeks.