HOW do you get away with the perfect crime?

Tony Wendice appears to have the answer, as he constructs a dark and deviously clever plan to kill his wealthy wife in Dial M for Murder, currently showing at Salisbury Playhouse.

Margot and Tony, played by Sally Bretton and Tom Chambers, have lived the perfect marriage for a year after Tony dropped his world of touring and tennis.

When Margot’s 'secret' lover Max returns from America however, the facade cracks and the operation to kill her and claim her inheritance unfolds - but what should be an easy feat does not work out as planned.

The stage show begins in David Woodhead's flawless design of the Wendice's upper-class flat and stays there for the two-hour performance, giving the audience a glimpse into the couple's glamorous world of drinking, music and parties.

Tom performs Tony's 'Jekyll and Hyde' persona exceptionally through an odd yet somewhat balletic presence while reciting tricky lines with charm.

His 'evil genius' role is coupled with Sally's fantastic acting as the wife turned murder victim, and Michael Salami as crime author and Margot's pen-pal lover, Max Halliday.

And Christopher Harper pulls the show together with his double role as Captain Lesgate and the witty Inspector Hubbard.

You have to keep on your toes in this quick-paced and chilling drama, filled with intense twists, turns, secrets and a sprinkle of comedy, fuelled by an energetic cast.

The Frederick Knott classic was written in the years after the Second World War but was made famous by the Alfred Hitchcock film.

Directed by Anthony Banks, Dial M for Murder runs until Saturday.

For more information and tickets visit the Wiltshire Creative website.