BUS services in Salisbury will for now continue to run 'as planned', bosses have confirmed, with a special timetable to be introduced from next month.

Salisbury Reds says that because many residents still need to travel to work, school, or college, services won't be affected.

But, from April 6, an updated schedule of times will be used - the details of which are still being worked on.

It comes as the nation continues to battle the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus, prompting the government to advise the public to begin social distancing, and to work from home where possible.

A spokesperson for the bus company said: "The health and safety of our colleagues and customers is our number one priority.

"The government has now advised that we should all begin social distancing - avoiding pubs, clubs and theatres. All non-essential travel should also be avoided, and this will affect bus services.

"However, many of you will still need to travel to-and-from work, school and college.

"In view of this, we continue to run our bus services, for now, as planned. Like many businesses, we are anticipating colleague absence, which may mean cancelling some journeys at short notice.

"We will do this to minimise impact on the majority of routes. Please allow extra time for your journey in case of any last-minute cancellations. Regular daily updates will be posted on our website."

They added: "During this unprecedented time, printed roadside displays may be inaccurate. So please check online for the most up to date timetables.

"We expect phone lines to be very busy, so we ask for your patience during this time and we will be answering messages via social media or email.

"If you, as a customer are displaying signs of coronavirus we ask that you do not use public transport at this time and follow the advice issued by the nhs.

"We will continue to actively monitor the changing situation and we are following guidance from Public Health England.

"Bus operators have extensive cleaning regimes that maintain high levels of hygiene for passengers to protect the health and well-being of their customers and employees. These regimes are carefully monitored and reviewed. We are ensuring a greater focus on high touch areas and increasing activity where necessary."