AN ONLINE singing event is hoping to bring people together for Mother's Day and "share messages of love".

Lynsey Docherty, the founder and artistic director of Celebrate Voice in Salisbury, was inspired to run the Mother's Day Sing after running online choir rehearsals for The Riverside Singers.

She said: "I was aware that we needed a solution to keep everyone together in these trying times. Choirs are not just about music making, they are about community. What struck me about the session was the response from those who took part afterwards – they emailed and called to say how enjoyable it was to be able to keep doing a community activity, to be able to see each other and have the healing and therapeutic effects of making music.

"At a time of isolation, keeping people engaged with each other is so vitally important, and several of our members have been in self-isolation for some time due to health issues or age."

"I then got to thinking about how so many of us are separated from our mums this coming Mother’s Day, at a time when we really want to be looking after them, due to self-isolation procedures if they are over a certain age," added Lynsey.

"I realised I could use the same platform to create a community of mums, daughters and grandparents, who may otherwise be separated, to sing their favourite songs, take requests and dedications and shares messages of love.

"Everyone will be able to see each other on the platform singing, and having a merry time - hopefully with a glass of wine. People can attend in their best dresses or in their PJs. They won’t be heard singing by the rest of the group so you can really sing like no-one’s listening, but you will be doing it in company."

Lynsey will be hosting the session - singing a programme chosen by the participants. She is also encouraging those who want to get involved to send messages to be read out.

"Uptake has been amazing, with lots of generations signing up, and following from this, I intend to be running more themed courses and singing-based get togethers. All will be published on the Celebrate Voice website in the next few days," she said.

"I want to state though, that whilst this is primarily a Mother’s Day celebration, absolutely anyone can take part. It’s tough being in isolation, so I want anyone and everyone to feel they can join our Celebrate Voice community."

To take part, email with the email addresses of those who want to take part, any requests or dedications to be read out. A link will be sent for a Zoom meeting, from which the app can be easily downloaded. The singing session will take place on Sunday (March 22) at 7pm.