My article last week “At the Larcombes” and the days of the old Bakelite radio received a good response so thank you for your messages. This week I was reminded of the old Dick Barton radio series by the advert featured in our picture which is situated on Summerlock Bridge, Fisherton Street.

Dick Barton actually visited Salisbury in 1948 and hundreds of cheering children with enthusiastic parents greeted him when he arrived in his super-streamlined two-seater sports car at the Picture House, Salisbury.

Dick Barton was in private life Don Stannard and he spoke from the stage to mark the provincial release of “Dick Barton – Special Agent,” which was to be the first in a new series of films, featuring the famous radio character. Unfortunately, Don Stannard was killed in a car crash in 1949 and the series was discontinued after only three films.

But his time in Salisbury was certainly a busy one which began with a visit to Wellworthy Piston Rings Ltd Factory at West Harnham. There he spoke to workers in their canteen during the lunch hour. Dick Barton then drove off to Harnwood Hospital. He went into all the wards and chatted to the patients before continuing his tour to Salisbury Infirmary. There he visited the children’s wards, where he received a great welcome and signed autographs.

At the Picture House in the evening Dick Barton’s visit was marked by great excitement. Hundreds of children cheered as Don Stannard sprang from his car and ran through the foyer to be greeted by Sir Reginald Kennedy-Cox. He then entertained another 1000 children and more adults inside the theatre.

Suddenly a telephone on the stage rang. Barton grabbed the receiver, heard the voice of his dreaded enemy and rushed away into another fictional adventure, as the children cheered!