As all pubs in the city, as well as in the country, were ordered to close, pub quiz enthusiasts might feel there is nowhere for them to go.

However, one pub in Salisbury has figured out a way to keep its quiz going during the coronavirus pandemic while allowing those taking part to stay at home.

The Old Ale and Coffee House in Crane Street, which closed last Tuesday for the safety of customers and staff, has been putting on a virtual, social media pub quiz to keep people entertained.

Licensee Shane O'Neill said: "We've got a really good pub quiz that happens every Tuesday but obviously that's not going to continue so this is just an easy way to share a positive message and have a bit of fun.

"We post some happy images of in and around the city and the pub to make people feel good and ask some silly questions. That way people know that we're thinking about them and they're thinking about us."

Examples of questions Facebook and Instragram users have been asked so far include 'What is the world record for folding a piece of paper in half?' and 'According to the Federation of Fish Fryers, how many portions of fish and chips are eaten in the UK every year?'.

Answers are usually revealed the next day. However, as the questions are not repeated with the answers, people have to scroll through the posts to figure out which question the answer refers to.

"It's all about engagement," added Shane.

The response so far has been "positive" with regular names popping up. The plan now is to post questions later on in the afternoon, perhaps around 4pm, to "perk people up" after a day of working or isolating at home.

Talking about the coming weeks, Shane added: "It's going to be tough but if we can do it in a positive way we'll all come out on the other side. It's about keeping your head up instead of putting your head down."