A PEREGRINE has laid its second egg at Salisbury Cathedral.

Last night the unringed female, that has been regularly visiting the nest located on the cathedral tower, was spotted laying the egg, after her first was laid on Mothering Sunday.

The second egg laying was spotted by viewers watching the peregrine live stream, which was then watched back by the cathedral team and experts.

As previously reported, the cathedral’s peregrine specialist Phil Sheldrake, said: “It’s great that we have an egg – and quite a bit earlier than last year. We can’t be sure it is the same female as last year though it is highly likely – sadly she’s not ringed."

There are generally around three to four eggs in a clutch and incubation does not start until the last egg is laid, so the nesting pair will sit on the egg at intervals to keep the eggs warm.

Incubation lasts 29 to 32 days, with the peregrines sharing egg duty and hunting. It is expected that the chicks should hatch in early May.

The cathedral has seen a 94 per cent increase in visitors to its peregrine webcam page.

Click here to watch the live footage.