HOTEL, Bed and Breakfast and Airbnb owners are needed to offer up their spaces to homeless people following the Covid-19 outbreak.

Wiltshire Council is appealing to accommodation providers, particularly in the south of the county, to supply rooms, in order for homeless people to be in suitable conditions to self-isolate.

The council says it is "vital" to find offers of shelter, and leader of Wiltshire Council, Philip Whitehead said: “We know how difficult it is for homeless people under all circumstances, but if people are in shared accommodation it is very hard to self-isolate. This is worrying for them and others.

“We are asking hotels and B&B owners to offer their help by opening their doors to homeless people and families in Wiltshire, so that we are able to provide the care and support they need in this time of crisis.

"I’d like to thank those who have already come forward and offered their support and hope to see others do the same very shortly.”

Wiltshire Council will work with clients to find accommodation that is suitable for each individual, as well as ensuring food and support needs are met.

The council added that all businesses and individuals who provide emergency accommodation will be compensated.

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