TWO antique Georgian plant urns being stolen from outside a front door and lead thefts are just some of the crimes that have been reported to police in the Salisbury area.

The crimes listed have been reported since Monday, March 16. The date listed is when it was reported to police.


54200027187 - Vehicle offences 16/03/2020 - ST TERESAS CLOSE, BISHOPDOWN - An unknown suspect has stolen the index plates from a parked VW Golf.

54200027334 - Crime – Vehicle offences 17/03/2020 - BURFORD ROAD, HARNHAM - An Unknown suspect has stolen the index plates from a parked VW Golf.

54200027347 - Burglary Business and Community 17/03/2020 - WAIN-A-LONG ROAD - Unknown suspect/s have gained entry to a lock-up by stripping off the slate tiles and making a hole in the felt roofing. The suspect/s have stolen two rolls of lead.

54200027511 - Criminal Damage 17/03/2020 - HIGH STREET, SALISBURY- Unknown young suspects have climbed onto a roof, then smashed a window to gain entry into the upstairs/ unused area of a building. Nothing was stolen.

54200028045 - Criminal Damage 19/03/2020 - WILTON ROAD - Unknown suspect/s have smashed the drivers door window and rear passenger window of parked vehicle. Nothing was stolen from the vehicle.

54200028275 - Theft 19/03/2020 - PERSIMMON SITE, DEVIZES RD (multiple thefts over last month) - Unknown suspects have stolen lead from the porches of the houses that are being built.

54200028825 - Theft 21/03/2020 - FISHERTON STREET - An unknown suspect has stolen a red Apollo Phase bike from outside the rear of a building. CCTV enquiries are ongoing.

54200029074 - Theft (over 10 day period up to 17/03) BLAKEY ROAD - An unknown suspect has stolen a black Carrera Vulcan bike while it was secured in a car park.

54200029372 - Theft 23/03/2020 DEVIZES ROAD - Unknown offender/s have entered a garage and stolen a large amount of fishing equipment.


54200028422 - Vehicle offences 20/03/2020 - COMMON ROAD - Unknown suspect(s) have gained access to a vehicle and stolen multiple power tools from the rear of the vehicle.

54200028722 - Burglary Business and Community 20/03/2020 - SOUTHAMPTON ROAD, WHITEPARISH - A business premises was broken into by unknown suspects who have caused damage to a perimeter fence and put a hole in the wall to gain access to an office. One power tool was stolen.


54200028501 - Burglary Business and Community 20/03/2020 - A36 LANDFORD - Unknown suspect/s have attempted to break into the office and jimmied the side door triggering the alarm. No entry was gained.


54200029031 - Theft 22/03/2020 PETERSFINGER ROAD - An unknown suspect has stolen two antique Georgian plant urns from outside a front door.

West Winterslow

54200029538 - Theft 24/03/2020 - WEST WINTERSLOW - Suspects have stole a 7m twin axle flatbed trailer.