A SALISBURY couple who have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary say sharing interests is key.

Pauline and John Notman met in Bath, where they lived at the time, when they were members of the Youth Hostel Association.

John said: “It was a walking and cycling group that would go out a couple of times a week. I met Pauline there.

“I think about eight marriages resulted from it.”

The pair married at the registry office in Bath on March 19, 1960 and spent their honeymoon at the White Lodge in Bournemouth.

They later moved to Salisbury in 1978. John worked for the Ministry of Defence, and was appointed to a senior administrative post at what was then the Chemical Defence Establishment Porton Down. Pauline worked at Marks and Spencer.

John, aged 85, and Pauline, aged 81, are also long time members of Salisbury and District Natural History Society and have three children and nine grandchildren.

Reflecting on the milestone, John said: “It is quite amazing really. We have common interests in walking, cycling, natural history, photography and those sorts of things. My wife is a keen card maker.”

Pauline added: “The time has gone so quickly I can’t believe it. We’ve had a lovely life, three lovely daughters and nine amazing grandchildren. I can’t believe 60 years have gone by.”

When asked the key to a long marriage, she replied: “Being close to one another and sharing a lot of common interests.”

John added: “I think having shared interests and getting out together and having a few individual things you can do on your own.”

Unfortunately, family celebrations to mark the anniversary had to be put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. But John and Pauline hope they can take place in six months time.