MUSIC and theatre stars have joined Celebrate Voice in launching a new online series to aid wellbeing and combat loneliness.

On Sunday (March 23), Celebrate Voice launched Celebrate Voice Sings…!

Lynsey Docherty, the founder of Celebrate Voice in Salisbury, said: “I was aware that we needed a solution to bring everyone together in these trying times, and I needed to act quickly. Concerts and choirs are not just about music-making, they are about community. What struck me about Sunday’s event was the life-affirming response from those who took part - not just the enjoyment of the performances, and the chance to participate, but to actually be able to see other people and be part of a community activity. The healing and therapeutic effects of music are well documented, and social interaction at this time of separation is vitally important for well-being.”

The Mother’s Day event was a resounding success - uniting mothers and daughters between Salisbury and France, Portugal, Scotland and London. During the online event, requests were played, and dedications and messages of love were read out. It also featured international baritone Philip Smith.

The events continue tomorrow (Sunday, March 29) at 7pm with Celebrate Voice Sings… Music Theatre! Hosted by Lynsey from her kitchen, who plays piano and sings, the event will feature Olivier award-winning star of the West End, Janie Dee.

Lynsey added: “It is a real coup to welcome a true West End legend for our music theatre episode this week in Janie. She loved being part of the festival last year, so it is fitting to welcome her back.”

Lynsey said: ‘”Fundamentally, the event is a caring event. I talk to the participants, they laugh and joke and tell us how they’re feeling. There were a lot of tears last week too. We pick each other up and support each other. As an extrovert, I personally find the isolation very tough, so the benefits are reciprocal. I couldn’t be happier - hosting hundreds of people in my kitchen every Sunday - and the bonus is that I don’t even need to tidy up.”

To take part, email or go to The series continues weekly at 7pm on Sundays with Music from the Movies, and Uplifting Hits. The event is free but donations are welcome.