In just a few weeks, coronavirus (Covid-19) has brought the UK to its knees.

Now more than ever, we are reliant on our doctors, nurses and medical staff in our NHS hospitals.

These guardians angels of the community are serving on the frontline under impossible pressure to save lives.

While the majority of the population are confined to their homes, these heroes are forsaking their own health and wellbeing and putting people like you and I first.

And this is why the Salisbury Journal, along with other local newspapers across Newsquest, are joining forces to raise money for workers at the frontline of the healthcare crisis.

We think it is time for us as a country to say thank you - and we hope you will join us in donating. 

We are supporting NHS Charities Together and their urgent Covid-19 appeal which is raising money to support workers and volunteers at the frontline of the pandemic. 

Salisbury Journal: Tearful nurse Dawn Billbrough struggled to get fresh vegetables while shopping (BBC)Tearful nurse Dawn Billbrough struggled to get fresh vegetables while shopping (BBC)

Donations will be used for well-being packs and gifts for staff, food deliveries and refreshments, covering the cost of travel and accommodation and other items which enhance the well-being of NHS staff and volunteers.

At this time of hardship, it is important for us, the community, to bring some joy and happiness to those who are giving us so much.

There have been appalling stories of nurses such as Dawn Bilbrough struggling to get access to fresh vegetables due to stockpiling.

Or junior doctors and nurses sharing personal protective equipment at hospitals because there is not enough to go around

This is where we - as a public - can come together and help.

We are asking our readers to extend this support to the heroes of the NHS, to let them know we care and are thankful for everything they are doing for us.

Journal Head of News William Rimell said: “We at the Salisbury Journal are very proud to be able to support this fantastic campaign.

“At a time of crisis, both locally, nationally, and even internationally, we need to remember those incredible members of our community who are risking their own health to make sure that others keep theirs.

“So please, if you are sitting at home right now and want to say ‘thanks’ to our amazing NHS workers, but don’t know how to, head to the GoFundMe page below and donate some cash.

“On behalf of all of us at the Journal, we thank you for whatever you can give.”

Please donate whatever you can, and let us give a collective, united message to our NHS workers of our huge appreciation for their efforts.

You can get involved and support our campaign by sharing our appeal and telling us why you are thankful for the NHS #ThankYouNHS on social media using the link:

Send us a picture of yourself holding up a piece of paper reading #ThankYouNHS some of which we will print in the paper.

Let us show our NHS staff that we care, and that we are thankful for everything they are doing for us all during this crisis.