A SALISBURY-based solicitors has donated five iPads to Salisbury Hospice, so face-to-face contact can be made with friends and family without visiting.

Parker Bullen, on Castle Street, provided the technology so those in the hospice can connect with loved ones without putting them or hopeful visitors at risk during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Gareth Horner, managing partner at Parker Bullen, said: “As a long term supporter of Salisbury Hospice we know the tremendous work that they do. We also understand the importance of continued contact with friends and family at a time when visiting is severely restricted.

"Covid-19 may have made physical contact almost impossible but through technology we can ensure that loved ones can continue to have face-to-face contact by using iPad technology.”

Following the donations, Paula Flower, head of fundraising at Salisbury Hospice, said: “Contact is one of the most important treatments we offer, whether this is for people in their own home or in the hospice.

"In these unprecedented times we are having to find alternative ways to deliver this contact and we are extremely grateful for the iPads that Parker Bullen has donated.

"While technology cannot replace the hug of a loved one, the joy that seeing and talking to someone brings is truly amazing."

The hospice is now appealing for more iPads to be donated by local businesses.

Paula added: "If any other company or individual has unused iPads or similar technology we would be most grateful for any donations.”