Salisbury District Hospital has confirmed that a number of patients who contracted Covid-19 are now recovering.

Although there are no specific figures indicating the number of people discharged after testing positive for coronavirus, this doesn't mean patients aren't recovering, the hospital says.

In fact, the Journal understands that some people who were critically ill have been discharged this week.

"We are seeing people discharged from the ward who have been to the hospital with Covid-19," a spokesperson from Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust confirmed.

"It's a genuine, really positive lift for all the staff involved to see people leave the hospital and carry on to recover at home.

"It gives a lift to the staff, it gives a lift to everybody here."

So far, five people have died from the virus in the city.

While deaths are easier to record, the number of those surviving the virus is thought to be higher than those who fall victim to it.