"THE Charter Market will not be running this Saturday," a spokesperson for Salisbury City Council said, despite confirmation yesterday that it would be going ahead.

This statement came after the Journal was told that Salisbury Charter Market would be running this weekend, with the decision being described as "hugely insensitive" by Salisbury city councillor Jo Broom.

The market, held on Tuesdays and Saturdays every week, was put on hold for three weeks following the Covid-19 outbreak and the Prime Minister's lockdown announcement on March 23.

The decision was made by Salisbury City Council, the body responsible for the market, following social distancing concerns.

It was confirmed earlier today by Cllr Broom however that this Saturday's market would be running, with social distancing measures in place and a police presence.

Cllr Broom said that councillors received an email last night outlining plans for the market and she was "horrified" by the news, describing the decision as "hugely insensitive and unnecessary".

She said: "[Councillors have] been told the decision was made in light of the requests of local people to have a market.

"It is my understanding that there will be a maximum of 13 stalls, only supplying fresh fruit and vegetables, and it will be laid out in a way to follow the distancing guidelines."

According to Cllr Broom police would have been onsite ensuring the distancing measures were adhered to.

She added: "It is not clear how this will happen and my concern is how this distance will be managed - it will be extremely difficult in that area and space.

"We are still seeing evidence that police are having to break people up as they are not following the guidance, you're only meant to be going out when necessary.

"People I have spoken to are disgusted by it, people are shocked and I just think it is wrong.

"I appreciate so many businesses are losing out and suffering from this, but I am really saddened this is going ahead."

At around 12.30pm today a second email was sent to councillors, detailing that the Charter Market would in fact not be running.

The Salisbury City Council spokesperson told the Journal: "We are however keeping the market under constant review as we are keen to support our local traders and residents by re-opening as soon as it is safe to do so."