A FUNDRAISING campaign has been set up to help a baby girl whose arm has been amputated due to a mystery condition.

Darcie May was born with huge blood clots in her shoulders which prevented circulation in her arms.

And the condition has baffled doctors since her birth on December 9 last year.

Darcie has since had her right arm amputated and will need specialist care for the rest of her life.

Her parents, Alex Ferris and Amy Cawley, have launched the GoFundMe page to help towards the costs of physiotherapy, specialist equipment and, eventually, a prosthetic arm.

And generous members of the public donated a staggering £2,500 in the first 24 hours. More than £6,000 has been raised so far.

Alex, a prison officer at Portland, and Amy live in Verwood with Darcie and their two older daughters, Summer, aged eight, and four-year-old Harper.

Alex said: “When Amy was pregnant she thought there was reduced movement from the baby so she went to be checked out at Poole Hospital.

“They said she needed an urgent caesarean section and when Darcie was born, her arms were completely black.

“She was born at 5pm and she was immediately taken away from us. We didn’t see her again until midnight and that’s when we saw what had happened to her arms. She was transferred to Southampton Hospital for treatment and experts from Great Ormond Street Hospital and from Germany were called in.

“They’ve carried out loads of tests but they still have no idea what it is. Basically, Darcie’s right arm died but her left arm has healed and we now hope she is getting better.”

Darcie, who also suffered a stroke, has also lost three of the fingers on her left hand.

Alex added: “The whole family spent Christmas at Southampton Hospital in their Ronald McDonald charity house which was amazing. I think Summer and Harper had a better time there than they would have done at home.”

He added: “Darcie is such a happy little baby considering all the things that have happened.

“We just want to be able to do everything we can for her.”

Writing on the GoFundMe page he added: “Amy and I cannot believe the kindness shown by all of you.

“You have already made such a huge difference.

“You are making more of a difference than you will ever realise.”

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