A woman from Wilton has decided to take advantage of self-isolation to brave the shave in the name of charity.

Forty-eight-year-old Mescalena Bond had been thinking about shaving her head for some time.

Being stuck in the house 24/7 gave her the push she needed and tonight she'll take on the challenge in the hope to raise some funds.

She said: "For the last few years, I really really hated dyeing my hair and I wanted to start again but I like socialising and there was never a time that felt right.

"Of course, with this not being allowed out I thought if there was ever a time to do this, this was the time."

After setting up a Just Giving page, donations poured in and nearly £600 has been raised in just one day.

Mescalena, who initially set a target of just £100, said the response from family and friends, as well as strangers, was "mindblowing".

All the money raised will go to Salisbury Hospice, a charity close to her heart.

"An old school friend of mine is there at the moment, she's on her last days. Sadly no-one can go see her and her mum who's with her isn't allowed to leave the room.

"A friend who died 16 years ago and my auntie who died a few years ago were also cared for at the hospice so I thought if I was going to do this I might as well do it for them."

Although she's "very nervous", Mescalena is committed to not only shaving her head but also sharing the experience with friends.

She will be live-streaming the challenge on Facebook in the hope people will support her.

"If I can make people laugh and smile and raise money for a good cause then that's all I want."

Although she hasn't set a precise time, she reckons she'll go live between 7.30pm and 8pm.

Anyone who wishes to donate can do so HERE.