A MAN has been stopped from jumping off a bridge in Salisbury. 

Two Salisbury Police officers, who are still both relatively new to the Force, helped the man in Salisbury this morning.

Salisbury Police say they received a call at around 6.45am reporting that a man was hanging from a footbridge over the Churchill Way carriageway.

A PC and Special attended the scene to find a man in his 30s with one leg over the railings, appearing ready to jump.

Traffic was stopped from passing below while both officers engaged with the man and managed to persuade him to step back on to the bridge to safety.

The whole incident lasted about 15 minutes.

The man, who was distressed but unhurt, was taken to a place of safety.

Inspector Pete Sparrow from the Salisbury Area Community Policing Team said: “This was excellent work by the two officers who are still fairly young in service.

“It proves that their training and aptitude for the job was spot on; in a moment of pressure, where you have only split seconds to make a decision, using their knowledge and intuition, they managed to help this man and ultimately saved his life.

“They both should be very proud as are all their colleagues.”