Burgate remains resilient against virus

Entering Spring term, a global pandemic was the least of people’s worries, instead preparing for exams, gaining new knowledge or wishing for summer was at the top. Unfortunately, as the weeks progressed into March, Covid-19 stomped on these concerns and aspirations, closing all schools indefinitely from Friday 20th and cancelling A-levels and GCSEs.

However, in the face of adversity, Burgate students are not giving up on learning. Insight tasks (an online homework website) have been sent out, as well as Microsoft Teams groups set up, which enable virtual lessons and a space for students to collaborate.

This is echoed by Rozi Eperjessy, a year 12: “Missing out on the English literature discussion is devastating, but it’s reassuring we have a collaborative space to come up with ideas.” Similarly, Rob Pennington, a year 12 pupil, mentioned the amount of resources available for all subjects was “more than enough.”

On another note, it has been great seeing some of the results from the art departments’ daily challenges on their website: “burgateartists.com”- each day a new and refreshing activity is posted, ranging from papercuts to creating selfies out of textiles and even painting and cooking tutorials, all keeping everyone engaged and positive. The gallery is a must visit for all. Challenges are open to anyone in the wider community that would like to join in and may also be found on our @theburgate Facebook page.

If we can take anything from this show of resilience within Burgate, it’s that life continues to move on regardless of a virus. It is important to remain calm, not complacent and continue to do your part acting in a responsible way, conscious of others.

Written by Ned Carter-Owen