FRIENDS and neighbours of a little girl from Bulford have gone the extra mile to make her birthday memorable despite the current lockdown.

Mila Blay, who turned seven today, had to give up on her birthday trip to Weymouth due to ongoing social distancing restrictions.

Fearing there would be no way to celebrate her daughter's special day, her mum Tina, 30, appealed for help to families at the Plumer estate and the response was "overwhelming".

"I put a post on one of the Facebook groups asking if someone could put some messages on the window for her birthday. I thought we'd get two or three but today we've seen so many.

Salisbury Journal:

"As we walked around we kept on seeing more and more and I was so surprised and overwhelmed. 

"Some people even left out a little bag of sweets which was amazing. It's small but it's massive in her eyes and in our eyes too."

As the estate was only opened last year, residents are still getting to know one another, something that makes such a kind gesture even more special.

The plan now, said the mum-of-three, is to arrange similar treats for every child in the estate whose birthday falls within the lockdown period.

"Mila had a brilliant day, this made her feel really special. 

"We are so grateful that so many people would help a child celebrate their birthday, a child that they may or may not know."