A SALISBURY DJ has been keeping all ages entertained throughout lockdown while raising money for three different charities.

Dion Spencer, otherwise known as Disco Dion, has taken to social media to continue his line of work for free, through streaming live videos, an 'after school' club, dance routines, house parties and quizzes.

He is not charging for his work but instead directing donations towards a crowdfunding page, where proceeds will be divided between Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAA), Salisbury Hospice and Alabare.

After around a month of providing music-themed activities and videos through Facebook and TikTok, the DJ has so far raised around £1,700.

"I had lots of people messaging me saying we know you're doing this for free and we want to help you, and I don't need the money right now, so I thought I would do it for charity," explained Dion.

"I'm usually working weddings, parties, events, allsorts, but obviously with the lockdown I'm not doing anything, and I couldn't help thinking all these boys and girls have energy which they should be able to express in any way they can.

"I was very down and I was thinking 'What am I going to do?'. Everything had been taken away from me, I just knew I had to do something to keep seeing bodies and faces, which is why we went online."

Across the Easter bank holiday weekend Dion's fundraising figure had the biggest increase, with £900 raised in just four days.

Viewers from across the world have been tuning into the regular live streams, including from Australia, Spain, Russia and California.

Dion said that he selected WAA as his first charity as he fundraises for them every year, adding: "The hospice needs support to help look after loved ones, and Alabare deals with homeless, vulnerable people all year-round, and especially now that is a cause that needs a bit more money.

"None of these have got a chance to fundraise during this time. I know a lot of people are helping the NHS so we just wanted to help the smaller charities as well.

"We only set out to raise around £300 for each charity so this is great."

Disco Dion has vowed to continue the daily content and entertainment until "lockdown is over", adding: "Taking money out of the situation, children have made the biggest change - they can't go to school or see their friends and it just isn't fair.

"This is a little bit of normality and a way to get through everything that's going on, it's a bit of fun and nothing too serious.

"It's been awesome, people have been daring me to do stuff like put a dress on, which I said we'd only do if we get £1,000 - and then we did.

"I've been getting so many lovely messages, families are thanking me for what I am doing, and if I can make one family smile and feel like that it keeps me happy."

For more information and to donate visit Disco Dion's Just Giving page.