SHOPPERS in a north Wiltshire supermarket struggled to stay apart from each other as the aisles became crowded - despite measures put in place.

The issue was captured at the Asda-Walmart in Swindon by Amy Doyle, reader of the Salisbury Journal's sister paper the Swindon Advertiser.

She shared the snaps on social media site Facebook after being shocked by what she saw.

The post spread quickly and has now been shared hundreds of times.

Amy said: "Asda, if you call this social distancing, you're blind. I have never felt so uneasy doing my food shop for my children. Take a look at how many people you have in your store. You're risking people’s lives and wellbeing."

Fellow reader Gemma Lyon said: "I am the one in the face mask and I was trying to social distance but it was just impossible.

"I stood there waiting for people to move on and people were just walking back down the aisles or straight past me. I for one will not be going to Asda again as I normally shop at Tesco and Aldi and actually thought Asda would be safer as people had been commenting about the length of time it takes to get in, so I thought this meant there were less people being let into the store."

A spokesman for Asda said: “We have rolled out an extensive number of social distancing measures in our stores to help ensure that our customers and colleagues remain safe.

"We ask that our customers be respectful of each other and our colleagues throughout this time.

"We continue to follow Public Health England’s guidelines to protect our customers and colleagues in store including social distancing measures such as limiting the amount of people in store at any one time, two-metre markers, barriers at tills and other key points around the store amongst other measures.’’