AN 18-YEAR-OLD has been singing in her garden this month to keep residents entertained on a Saturday night.

From Becky Hill to The Script, ABBA and Stevie Wonder, Paige Dobson has sang a vast catalogue of songs from artists past and present in her garden in Netheravon, in a bid to cheer up the surrounding neighbours during the coronavirus lockdown.

Paige said the response to her first 'Stay at Home' gig on April 4 was "overwhelming", adding: "I could see children and adults dancing and singing in their gardens. I could hear people shouting and cheering from garden to garden with song requests.

"I think that for the hour and a half I was singing it allowed us to put the stresses aside and have some fun."

Paige ended her debut garden concert with We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn, which she said was always a favourite when she sang it in care homes, with the lyrics making it an appropriate ending to the show.

She added: "[The finale] was quite emotional. As I finished a couple of the neighbours shouted 'Same time next week?'."

As well as performing in her garden, Paige recently took part in Salisbury's online Lockdown Festival which is raising money for Stars Appeal, and last week she sang for her neighbours after Thursday's clap for carers event.

Paige added: "I really wanted to do something to help in some way. So many people are doing great things - people are helping neighbours, friends and family and also people that they don’t know.

"We may not be able to be together but we can be there for each other."