During the two weeks before the Easter Holidays, school life drastically changed for students all across the United Kingdom, as the government ordered all schools to be closed as people needed to self-isolate to support the NHS during this tough time.

For Burgate, most teachers set tasks on the school VLE (Insight) for students to complete, however, there were other examples as the Maths department set tasks on MyMaths and the English department created classes on Microsoft Teams and set work via that. Also, every teacher was accessible through e-mail and provided help to students who needed it.

There were also optional tasks set on Insight as guides to help students stay fit and healthy and to avoid boredom during self-isolation. The P.E department advised students to participate in The Body Coach TV’s workout with Joe Wicks, available on his YouTube channel everyday at 9am. Another example included Mrs Wilson, head of the eco team, who advised students to try gardening or to create a bug hotel. Finally, there were also some general tips from Heads of Years’, who advised students to learn a new skill, like how to play a new instrument, as well as spending time with your family by playing board games or helping your parents cook or bake.

Despite this difficult, upsetting time, a positive is that students are able to spend more time with their families and have more free time to enjoy their hobbies or learn new skills. Also thanks to modern technology, students have been able to continue school work at home and keep in contact with their teachers.

By Callum Roberson