A DOWNTON-based IT firm is helping people protect themselves from Covid-19 scammers by giving away free cybersecurity video-based training.

Wiltshire TechB & The IT Shack has designed a program to educate employees on the common threats to their organisation’s cybersecurity, offering a new way for small to medium-sized businesses to educate their employees on cybersecurity risks and best practices amid the coronavirus pandemic, right from their home.

Chris Thompson, managing director at TechB said: “As many organisations have been forced to begin operating from a remote work environment, more employees than ever before are now working from home. The problem with this is that working remotely poses new cybersecurity risks to organisations that they likely have not dealt with up until now. Cybercriminals are diligently working to take advantage of these changes, hoping that employees will let their guard down or slip up by continuing to practice poor cyber hygiene in an environment that has many risks that are often overlooked.

“We are seeing a huge rise in Covid-19 scams which can pose a major risk to the security of our local businesses. That’s why we’re rolling out free cybersecurity training to any organisation that wants it. Whether you’re a current customer or not, we want to make sure your employees have some knowledge of how to protect your business. All that matters to us is coming together to protect our community.”

The cybersecurity training program is available now to all organisations at no charge. For more information, visit techb.co.uk/remote-security-training