EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Ciara Ruth from Salisbury is celebrating after becoming gohenry's one millionth customer.

gohenry is a prepaid Visa debit card and app for children aged six to 18.

Ciara said: "It feels great to be the one millionth customer. Such a big number and it’s pretty special that the person is me. I am so glad that my parents signed me up to gohenry and I can’t wait to see how much I save this year."

gohenry aims to help young people learn good money habits. They can personalise their cards and set savings goals, monitor their spending or donate to gohenry’s charity partner, the NSPCC.

Parents have their own app where they can automatically pay pocket money into their child’s account and set spending limits.

"I like being able to decide what I get to spend my money on and that I can see what pocket money I get every week. Having a card also means that I don’t have to ask mum and dad all the time for money, which is great," said Ciara.

"I know a lot more about how much things cost now. I like saving more than spending the money now. I love that I can get money from my chores now too, like making my mum her daily cup of tea and emptying the dishwasher. The very best bit is getting my money every Friday – I feel like a grown-up."