A SINGER and producer who grew up in Salisbury has recorded a song with three friends to help those going through a tough time during the pandemic.

Duncan Heather, who now lives in Warrington, recorded Hey Traveller, with John-Philip Bowen and Duncan McManus as a way of raising awareness and showing support for the NHS Every Mind Matters campaign.

The trio have all had success in the music industry whether it be as a solo act, in a vocal group or in musical theatre touring productions. But when the coronavirus lockdown hit they lost all performance work indefinitely.

Duncan, who is a former Bishop Wordsworth's pupil, said: "It's lockdown and obviously all of our work has gone. We have always wanted to work together and now we can do something together. I dug out this song that I had from a friend for a couple for years and as soon as I listened to it again I was like 'hang on a minute this is really poignant lyrically for what is going on at the moment'.

"I thought lets record it and put it out there and make it for Every Mind Matters campaign. We're not doing it to raise any funds at the moment. It is simply to raise awareness of people that are struggling and to reach out to help people through it."

Hey Traveller is written by Andy Duerden.

The song and video was recorded and filmed remotely from their homes. It has received an overwhelming response with 50,000 views on Facebook.

"It's gone really well. We've had 50,000 views on Facebook alone in a week and we've had messages from all over the world saying thanks," explains Duncan, who hopes to reach as many people as possible with the song.

"The view count is not necessarily the important thing. We want millions of views because we think millions of people are going to be affected. The comments of how the song is affecting people is making it all worthwhile really. If we can save one life or make someone feel better then that is definitely what the idea is."

Duncan says he has suffered with mental health in the past, adding: "I know first hand how debilitating it can be."

"This is all we can do, we're in lockdown and what we do best is sing and what we do is create. The power of music and song is so massive - it just touches people. This is our way and it seems to be working really.We want it to go far and wide," he said.

"The song seems to be having the impact that we absolutely dreamt of. Fingers crossed it continues."

To view the video go to facebook.com/duncheather/videos/10163788122305457 or watch on YouTube at https://youtu.be/E_qmdvF5Ais