In these trying times education is one of the most important things to remain constant despite all the adversities caused by Covid-19. As a student of Burgate School, I am proud to say the teachers are doing just that.

Lockdown has meant teachers have been setting work online, forcing teachers such as Mrs Dennis (teacher of Psychology), to get “more tech savvy” or even (in the words of Mrs Fenner, head of Sixth Form) offering an opportunity to “learn new techniques for teaching”. Although this is all positive, it has highlighted the superiority of normal school, forming a collective sadness at their separation from students and colleagues.

However, the lack of face-to-face interaction hasn’t stopped Mr Rees (head of Geography) feeling a sense of pride at the amount of “engagement with the work” he has set so far.

Mrs Carter-Owen (head of Social Sciences) has also experienced a similar joy. “I am so grateful that I can continue to learn from my students even outside of school through their fantastic film and podcast recommendations,” she said.

Of course, teachers are human too, so many have taken advantage of working from home to incorporate more family time, walks with the dog, exercise and even knitting.

Having increased free time is a nice change, but it is reaffirming to know that the teachers are missing us just much as we are missing them, so all that’s left to do is knuckle down and wait.

By Ned Carter-Owen