A PROJECT is being launched to capture the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in Salisbury.

COVID-19 Diaries for Salisbury is Salisbury Museum’s first oral history project. The museum is asking key workers, including NHS staff, carers and teachers, to keep a daily audio diary about their work during the outbreak.

Project curator Bridget Telfer said: “This is a difficult and strange time for us all. Many museums are looking at how they can document what is happening for future generations. By launching this audio diaries project, Salisbury Museum will keep a historical record of this time through the lived experiences of workers at the forefront.”

The museum is also asking its staff and volunteers to collect artefacts and photographs about the pandemic.

The museum says it will be the personal stories and unique perspectives from key workers, residents and people living and working in and around Salisbury, that will provide the best record of the impact that coronavirus is having on the community.

It is also launching a further project to record the Covid-19 pandemic, which is aimed at young people.

What Do You See asks young people, aged between 15 and 20, from Salisbury and south Wiltshire to take a daily photograph that sums up their experience of lockdown.

Sarah Gregson, the community curator at Salisbury Museum said: “We know, from our work with many young people, that their perspectives can always teach us something. We hope this little project can give young people a visual way to express how they feel, at a time when words sometimes fail us.”

For more information about how to take part in any of the above projects email museum@salisburymuseum.org.uk