SINGER-SONGWRITER Mary Spender bought music lovers from across the world together for a 24 live stream to support Salisbury Hospice Charity.

Mary, who grew up in Salisbury but now lives in Brighton and has her own YouTube channel, was inspired by fellow YouTuber and friend, Francis Cave who live streamed a static cycle the equivalent of Everest twice for the NHS.

The 24-hour live music stream took place April 30 and saw people tuning in from as far afield as the USA.

"It came out beyond my wildest dreams," said the former Godolphin School pupil who wanted to do her bit to support Salisbury Hospice Charity.

It was a "roller-coaster" added Mary: "It was just so much fun."

The 29-year-old says everyone who tuned in was "so motivational" and she enjoyed the comradery of the experience, adding: "I wouldn't have been able to do it without people joining me."

More than £17,000 has been raised for the charity so far and donations are still being accepted via the Justgiving page

"I am very aware that it is a lot of money. I know for charities they require a lot more than that to keep everything running but I felt like that was a pretty good amount for 24 hours. it was absolutely mind-lowing.

"We ended the live stream at about £15,000, three times more than I hoped for," she added. "It is a fun thing I can say I did during this insane moment in history for our generation. It was so enjoyable."

Mary is working on a summary video of the live stream to saying thank you to everyone who supported her.

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