A BROAD CHALKE artist has created a “self-service and non-contact” gallery at the bottom of his garden.

The gallery, Trust The Humans, has been opened by Steve Porter and is located on the outside of his shed, which backs on to a walkway between the houses and allotments.

It is accessible on foot by taking a left turning off North Street after rounding the corner by the pub.

Steve said: “I wanted to do something creative that fitted in with the need for social distancing. Alongside that I wanted to add some cheerful colours that represent the spirit of our response to the virus situation.”

Salisbury Journal:

Steve says it is called “Trust The Humans” because it relies on honesty. Those wishing to buy a painting put money in the slot.

Steve has sold four paintings so far which he says is “fantastic, adding: “The gallery has been open for a few weeks now and has had a largely positive response from people passing.”

He said: “I love opening up in the morning and closing down at night. I have a little sign to turn around. However small this adventure is, it feels like a real business.”

It is open 8am to 8pm on dry days.