SALISBURY residents maintained social distancing measures on Saturday, following the Prime Minister's announcement of relaxed lockdown restrictions.

From Wednesday, the Government advised that members of the public could exercise unlimited times a day, drive any distance and sit in parks, beaches and other beauty spots.

Mr Johnson also said, during a televised announcement on May 10, people could meet up with one other person from outside their household, provided they met outdoors and remained two metres apart.

As we entered the first weekend with the relaxed version of the lockdown, and based on Saturday lunchtime, it appears that the people of Salisbury are still following the two metres apart rule.

At around 12pm on Saturday, main shopping areas in the City Centre remained empty, including the High Street and the Old George Mall.

Salisbury Journal:

Salisbury Journal:

Another usually busy area for pedestrians, Fish Row, also appeared quiet and empty.

The benches were used, as visitors and small groups enjoyed the Saturday sunshine.

Salisbury Journal:

Exercise enthusiasts congregated in green spaces like the Salisbury Cathedral Close, with the majority adhering to the two metres apart rule.

Cyclists, walkers and runners were either using The Close as part of their route or using the grounds for a scenic break.

Salisbury Journal:

The most popular area of Salisbury on Saturday was of course the Market Place, due to the return of the charter market.

PICTURES: Salisbury Charter Market returns to the city

Between 8am and 3pm hundreds of shoppers attended the market to pick up food items, although social distancing measures were enforced and followed.

Several visitors to the market went on their own and wore personal protective equipment including face masks.

This week's market was a trial which will repeat for a few more weeks, before possible planning begins to also reintroduce the market on Tuesdays.

Salisbury Journal:

Salisbury Journal: