FOR many of us, our lockdown life has consisted of visiting shops, the park, and – most of all – seeing what's inside of our fridges.

Yet, one city photographer has headed out to take snaps of what the rest of Salisbury is doing.

As part of a special project, local Kin Ho said he wanted to capture his neighbours, "putting a smile on their faces and to provide some distractions from the daily horrendous news".

He added: "Like all of the best ideas I have for work, it came from my wife, Nadia. She is the producer of the company.

"One day in the beginning of the lockdown, Nadia and I delivered some shopping to her mother’s door step (Jean, depicted in one of the photos).

"Jean pulled the net curtain back mouthed the words ‘thank you’ and gave a solemn wave. Nadia said “That would make a lovely picture”, which is when the idea of the project started - photographing people in their isolation.

"The next day, Jean Spinelli became the first 'model' for the project."

Kin continued: "My intentions for the project were simple; photographing my neighbours, putting a smile on their faces and to provide some distractions from the daily horrendous news. It also allowed me to continue doing what I love - taking photos.

"As it developed over the weeks, I tried to include a cross section of people, to document how the lockdown was affecting everyone’s daily life, and not just the inhabitants of my small road. I wanted to capture as many walks of life as I possibly could, as regardless of who you are or what you do, this virus has affected us all.

"This project has been an interesting journey. I am absolutely loving it, although I'm eager for it to end, as this will mean the pandemic is finally over."

For more images from the series, go to Kin's Instagram page: @kin_ho_photo