RSPCA Ashley Heath Animal Centre has introduced new measures to ensure animals are still able to find forever homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

The centre is still closed to the public but the adoption process can be carried out online.

Once the online application has been filled out potential adopters will receive an email or phone call from the centre where the application process will be completed.

Adopters will be asked to provide photos or a video of their home. If the application is successful the animal will be brought to their home by RSPCA staff or volunteers.

Maroon and Albus, are looking for homes either together or with another rabbit of the opposite sex.

Maroon is seven-month-old female, the centre says, she is a little shy and would benefit from further handling.

Salisbury Journal:

Albus, who is an adult male, came into the centre after he was abandoned.

The centre says he can also be shy and nervous around people but he does enjoy a “little fuss”.

Albus would like a home with someone who can be patient with him and that can help build his confidence. Albus will require regular grooming.

Salisbury Journal:

New adopters would need to be within a 40minute journey of the centre.

Go to for more information about the new adoption process.