A power cut is affecting properties in Landford, Woodgreen and Fordingbridge this morning.

The SSE website says the following postcodes are affected:

SP5 2BG, SP6 2AH, SP6 2AJ, SP6 2AL, SP6 2AQ, SP6 2AR, SP6 2AS, SP6 2AT, SP6 2AU, SP6 2AX, SP6 2AY, SP6 2AZ, SP6 2BB, SP6 2BD, SP6 2BE, SP6 2BG, SP6 2BJ, SP6 2BQ, SP6 2QU.

It says it is aiming to have it restored by 2.30pm.

Shortly after 8am this morning, a tree came down on one of our overhead lines in the Woodgreen area, which SSE says caused the safety equipment on its network to operate, temporarily turning the power off to nearby customers. 

It has affected 233 customers in the Woodgreen area.

A spokesperson from Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks said: “We would like to apologise to our customers who have been affected by this morning’s power cut and assure them our engineers are doing all they can to restore supplies as safely and as quickly as they can.”

Properties in the Fordingbridge area, in postcodes SP6 1RB, SP6 1RE, SP6 1RF have also been affected by a power outage. SSE says it is aiming to have the power restored by 10.40am.